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Orbdot Cloud Services

Are cloud services right for you?

Cloud services vary in cost, benefit and application. Today, almost everything is available as a cloud service, from Email and  Business Line Applications to full Data Center as a Service. We can help you navigate the complex cloud landscape and help you determine which products are the best suited for your business.

Their Cloud, Your Cloud or Ours

I often get the question, what is the cloud and why is it different then what I'm using now.

The short answer is basically, the cloud is someone else's computer. In most cases, applications like Microsoft Office365 and ... live in globally redundant, highly resilient data centers, which are tuned to give the end user the best possible speed and experience 

Many cloud based business-line applications, such as accounting programs or ... are built on top of established cloud platforms, such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. These allow the developer a vast array of tools to build their applications, with the benefit to the customer being an available anywhere application, with a fast development cycle.

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