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Orbdot Networks realizes that your data, processes, and information technology infrastructure, is the backbone of the organization. In today’s tough economic climate, it is increasingly important for businesses to have a strong competitive advantage in order to survive. This can be achieved with effective business planning. Additionally, by having a reliable and innovative IT infrastructure in-place, supplied and maintained by Orbdot.

Orbdot and its solutions partners provide a one-stop for your technology needs. We focus on delivering measurable outcomes that support your business objectives while containing the cost of technology for your business. With our Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, HP, Dell, and VMWare (to name a few) certified partners, we can bring a broad range of technology and business experience to our clients with the following emphasis: 

IT Consulting Services 

From Enterprise Datacenters to small office networking, we've got you covered! Our IT Engineering Consultants can help you with all of your IT needs! 

On Premises or Hosted Cloud

Their Cloud, Our Cloud or Your Cloud!

We are experts at building out cloud and virtualiztion infrastructure utilizing a number of technologies. Ask us how we can help.

Network Engineering 

We build awesome networks! We support and sell all major equipment manufacturers and can help build and design a network environment that exceeds expectations! 

Disaster Recovery 

We offer a number of on-site or hosted backup solutions that support small, medium,and large enterprise organizations.

Microsoft Systems Support

As a Microsoft Partner, we offer sales and support for all Microsoft Hosted Solution as well as all Microsoft On-Premises systems and domain networks.

Network Security Services

We offer Network Security Services to help protect and maintain your investment. From Firewalls, to montitoring solutions, ask us how we can help.

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